Utatane Installation

Moore College of Art, Paley Gallery
Philadelphia, USA, 2009
Video, sound and architectural installation by Yumi Kori
Materials: gravel, wood, video, screen, sound
Dimensions: 35’ x 70’ x 10’

I created a boundary zone in the middle of the gallery by the video projection, sound and architectural installation. I filled the gallery floor with gravel and built a floating pier in the middle. At both ends of the pier, I hung two large screens and projected a moving image. In front of each screen, a miller sheet was placed on the floor. The video is an edited documentation of "several people, one at a time, walking into the ocean and becoming one with nature". The image is reflected in a mirror on the floor, so that the ocean, the sky and the people seem to be suspended in the air. Sound, that I composed, created a meditative atmosphere. The audience is invited to stand on the pier in between the two screens and live in "the space between" created by the gravitation. The video was taken at the beach in Brazil, while I was in the Sacatar Foundation Art Residency Program, 2008.