Panta Rhei

Maison Herms, 9th floor, Art Forum, Tokyo, Japan, 2002
Installation by Yumi Kori
Materials: gravel, wood deck, florescent light tubes

The gallery is located in the center of Tokyo. The space is surrounded by glass walls, light: sunlight in the day time, the neon light in the night time, is constantly coming through glass blocks. More over, because of the glass wall and many structural columns in the space, it was hard to exhibit art works in the gallery. Therefore, the curator asked me to develop a site specific art work in their gallery. I proposed to make the whole space as an " art work". Instead of exhibiting something, I transported 11 tons of gravel from Kyoto, raked wave lines in the gravel, constructed a 40 meter wooden deck. The gravel catches the transition of sunlight / shadows in the daytime, the outside neon light create a beautiful patterns in the night. The raked waves around the columns unify the structure and the artwork. Audience are invited to take off their shoes and explore the space by walking or sitting on the deck and remain as long as you wish. The light, the sound from outside, and the structure, all became a part of artwork.

photo Site
The gallery is the center of Tokyo.
There is very little wall space. Many structural columns exist in the middle of the gallery. Sunlight and neon light come through glass blocks and are difficult to control. I transported 11 tons of special gravel. Constructed a 40 meter wooden deck. Raked wave lines in the sand. The transition of sunlight and shadow, the outside neon light, and the sound of traffic, all became a part of installation.