Machina Temporis

Klusterruine, Berlin, Germany, 2002
Installation by Yumi Kori

sound installation by Bernhard Gal
Materials: translucent fabric, stainless steel wires, speakers
Instructions: Walk through the passage of light, bending under the screens one by one.

The site is Franciscan Monastery Church, built in the 12th century. It used to be very beautiful church, but, It was heavily destroyed during WWII. After the fall of the Berlin wall, the site, near Alexanderplatz, was turned into a popular tourist spot. When I visited the site, there are many tourists, but they seemed to see only the physical structure, not the spiritual space which used to be there. In order to encourage visitors to move beyond that of a pilgrimage to a historical monument, I attempted to revive the spatial dynamics of the original architecture by the installation. I installed 4 scrims to corresponded to the missing arches/ spatial thresholds. The sun light from the high window in the apse cast the light on the lined scrims, Visitors are invited to walk through the passage of light, bending under the screens one by one. I wanted to offer a spiritual spacial experience to the visitor without reconstructing the building itself.

photo At night, a light is installed at the apse.
photo Church interior before the war.
photo Exterior of the ruined church.