Brown University List Art Center, Bell Gallery, Province, USA, 2007
Balloons, light, architectural installation by Yumi Kori
sound by Bernhard Gal
Materials: balloons, acrylic sheets, light tube, wire steel, pine flooring and sound
Dimensions: 68’ x 36’ x 18’

Jukai consists of a long, centrally positioned wooden deck/boardwalk, floating light columns receding into the space, reflective plexiglass sheeting placed on the rear and sidewalls and thousands of clear balloons covering the gallery space. The work creates a dazzling spatial setting in which the continuous play of light and shadow obscures the distinction between real and illusory, perceptual and imaginary. With the addition of audio - quiet and repetitive sounds suggestive of the deep forest - Jukai is further transformed into a temporal, contemplative environment that reaches beyond sensory perceptions. .