COCA, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, USA, 2005
Installation by Yumi Kori
sound by Bernhard Gal
Materials: balloons, acrylic rods, halogen lamps, wood deck, speakers
Dimensions: 60’ x 24’ x 18’

The site was a former factory near Space needle in Seattle. There was a brick wall in the end of space. When I looked at the space, the brick wall appeared as a symbol of an boundary that one can not get over. Then, I started wonder if I can dissolve the limits by an art work. I suspended 6 red light rods, I installed glass panel on the brick wall. I placed approximately 5000 clear balloons on the floor, I built a wood deck in the middle, Each clear balloon captured reflections of the light, thus the wood deck seemed floating in a red ocean. Along with the meditative sound installation, the space was transformed to limitless world. The transparent glass on the brick wall extend the passage of light that penetrate the brick wall. Visitors were invited to walk on the pier and experience a sense of infinity.