Warteck, Basel, Switzerland, 2006
Guest atelier
Installation by Yumi Kori
sound installation by Bernhard Gal

Materials: bed, water, balloons, sound

Dimensions: 30’ x 30’

Human body is as if a little container which holds air and water within. When my father was dying, I saw his body was giving up to keep his air and water. He was dissolving into light and disappear. This art work is a requiem for my father. I inflated clear balloons and put some water within. Each balloon contained own little ocean and reflected own sky. I installed them on a bed frame, and on the floor. Small speakers were installed under the bed to make a sleeper’s breathing, large speakers were installed in the corner of the room to make an ocean wave sound. The rhythm of the two sounds are astonishingly similar, they were interwoven and sometimes become one. This Guest atelier was in a part of former beer factory which has only high windows. While I was living and working in the residency, I could see only sky view from the window. I am wondering if this high window reminded me the situation of laying down no the hospital bed or the ephemeral beer babble inspired me to make this installation.