Japan Society, New York, USA, 2007-2008
Installation by Yumi Kori
sound by Bernhard Gal
Materials: mixed media (balloons, acrylic sheets, light bulbs, wire steel, pine flooring and sound)
Dimensions: 28’ x 17’ x 9’

The installation transformed existing properties and characteristics of the room to reveal an entirely new spatial experience. A hint at what awaits the viewer is revealed in the exhibition's title, Shinkai - Japanese for "Deep Ocean" and the name of the world's deepest diving manned submersible vessel. Shinkai confronts the gallery's particular sense of finitude, due mainly to its windowless location. Intervention evokes the dissolution of physical limitations, giving way to suggestions of what lies beyond the gallery walls. Viewers are presented with a multi-sensory experience that disrupts assumed perceptions, offering in its place an alternate, infinite reality.