Defragmentation /red

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany, 2000

Former Water Reservoir

Installation by Yumi Kori

sound installation Bernhard Gal

Materials: hand-scraped acrylic tubes, reflector lamps, water, sound

Instructions: Explore the circler corridor by encountering the red lights one by one. 
Wander around until you loose the feeling of the progression of time and space.

This underground water reservoir was constructed in 1874 and used as a water collector until 1914. During WW II, it was used as a prison and later as an air-raid shelter. Then it became a ruin.

I installed red light columns as an apparatus to measure space and time. Moving through the corridors, these glowing columns are successively revealed to the visitor. The repeating concentric paths progressively extended toward infinity.

photo Exterior view of the water reservoir
photo Plan of the installation in the water reservoir.