Defragmentation /Krems

Minoriten Church Kapitelsaal, Krems-Stein, Austria, 2005
Installation by Yumi Kori
sound Installation by Bernhard Gal
Materials: balloons, acrylic tubes, reflector lamps, loud speakers
Dimensions: 30’ x 30’ x 20’

The Minoriten Church is located in a center of beautiful town Krems in Austria. But unfortunately, it was not used as church any more, because not many people go church in modern society. When I entered the church, I was sad because the space did not have spiritual power. I wanted to recreate the church as space where people gain spiritual encounter that is beyond their worldly life by my installation. I came up the idea to create galaxy like space in the basement of the Church. I installed 1400 clear balloons and 4 light tubes. Each balloon worked as lens to reflect the whole room onto the surface, thus creating 2800 views of the cellar space. Visitors are invited to explore an alternative time zone that is beyond human perception.

photo Minoriten Church Exterior.