Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, USA, 2008-2009
Light, sound architectural installation by Yumi Kori
Materials: light, water, wood, steal, water pump, sound
Dimensions: 67’ x 18’ x 11’

I transformed the basement of the Mattress Factory into a dark ocean where visitors can explore beyond physical and conventional space. I filled the floor with water and built a wood pier. Visitors are invited to walk on the deck and stay as long as they wish. The space is very dark; it is difficult to understand the size of the room at a glance. The sound installation, which is 7 interwoven white noise, also obscures the boundary of the physical territory. The only light source is the red light from the escape door way and it’s reflection on the water. Every 1 minute, a water pump disturb the surface quietly; the reflection of the red doorway is deformed for a moment. The water movement obscures the boundary between the real and unreal; the reflection. In Japanese, kanata means “far off space” that exists beyond one’s perception”. By my installation, the building gained a port to travel to unknown world.