Green Box

Old Musashino Public Library, Tokyo 2002
Site specific participatory installation, a part of Green Library project organized by Yumi Kori
Materials: light, polypropylene folders, paper

The old library was closed in 1986. All the books were moved to the new building, but it still contains memories of the books and of people's stories. I transformed the old library to a place where people can exchange their stories. I distributed one thousand green boxes in the city. People were invited to write down their stories, inspired by the question inside a green box, insert their stories in the green box and bring it to the old library to become a part of "Green Box” installation. During the exhibition period, a light installation turned the library itself into a large green box. Visitors were encouraged to read the stories and choose a favorite box to take home. Visitors were also invited to pick up a new box at the back room of the installation, write their own story and install it. Extracts from the questions: Tell me about your first love? What did you want to be when you grew up? Tell me what you want to start new? 11 questions were inserted randomly in each box