Queens Museum of Art, New York, 2014
As part of the group show
Bringing the World into the World
Site-specific Installation
Materials: Mixed Media, Taxidermy

This installation is situated on the perimeter wall of the Panorama of the city of New York in Queens Museum. Generally, the audience in the Panorama room perceives the surrounding wall as the backdrop of the miniature model of New York City. A metaphor of the sky, the wall is boundless. This same wall serves as a conventional white museum wall from other side. My Canadian goose penetrates the wall from each side, highlighting these two conditions. Some boundaries are constructed artificially for conventional reasons. Because of this, such limits can be shifted or flipped by perceiver’s imagination easily. The Canadian goose is a migratory bird that travels from our world to unknown worlds. Through my installation, I hope the audience will realize they can overcome the limitations of conventional perception.

photo Concept drawing 1.
photo Concept drawing 2.