South Street Seaport Shopping Mall, New York, USA, 2006
Swing Space Artist in Residency
LMCC, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,
Installation by Yumi Kori
sound by Bernhard Gal
Materials: mixed media (scrim, balloons, a chair and sound)
Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ x 12’

Instructions: Open the screen gently, enter the installation and sit down on the chair to gaze at the Brooklyn Bridge.Spend some time within the space, until the sense of distance to the bridge changes and the physical boundaries of the room start to disappear. Recommended time for experience is 3 minutes or longer. B^B is a site-specific installation that locates the northeast corner of the unused shop with a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge. B^B works as a traveling device that offers visitors the opportunity to take a voyage to a realm beyond their physical domain. I installed hundreds of clear balloons that reflect the outside view. I also installed the sound of the traffic from the Brooklyn bridge that volume was gradually increase and decrease. Audience are invited to enter B^B installation and spend some time within by sitting on the chair surrounded by the multiplied landscapes. When the traffic sound is not audible, the space is isolated from the environment, but once the sound is getting lauder, the boundary of the space disappear as if the glass window melt away. The vibration of the space activates a visitor’s sense of being, boundaries dissolve and become one with a visitor’s conceptual territory.