Studio MYU Architects

Studio MYU Architects was founded in 1986 by Yumi Kori and Toshiya Endo in Tokyo, Japan. They have designed many architectural projects which include post offices, restaurants, offices, facilities for senior citizens, apartment buildings, private houses, renovations and historical restorations. Yumi Kori, the founding principal architect, has degrees in architecture from both Japan (Kyoto Prefecture University) and the USA (Columbia University), and has lectured extensively on architecture, art, space and design in both countries. They have worked in Japan, the United States, and around the world.

Studio MYU architects is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the ar+d award by the Architectural Review, London; the Modern Living Award; the Osaka Cityscape Award; Chiba Architectural Cultural Award; and The Tokyo Architectural Award. For their work in ecological design, they were awarded the Passive Solar House Grand Prize in 1996 by OM Solar foundation. In addition, they were awarded the Japanese Minister of Construction Award for historical town house renovation/ innovative restoration projects.

Yumi Kori Portrait

Yumi Kori

President, Principal Architect


M.S.Arch., Columbia University, 1995
B.Arch., Kyoto Prefecture University, 1983


Professor at Osaka Institute of Technology, Design and Architecture, 2016
Lecturer at Nagoya Institute of Technology, 2005 to present
Adjunct Assistant Professor at Barnard and Columbia College, 1996 to 2005
Lecturer at Yale University, school of architecture, 2003
Adjunct Assistant Professor at Parsons school of Design, 1997
Design Consultant, Nationality room Japan section, Pittsburgh University, 1997
Awarded Japanese First Class Architect License, Feb. 1990


Along with her architectural projects, she has created numerous art installations in ruins, public spaces and museums through out the world, such as New York, Seattle, Washington DC, Berlin, Basel, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. She also created many innovative set designs for dance company.
LINK to Yumi Kori ART web site.


Toshiya Endo Portrait

Toshiya Endo

Partner, Principal Architect


B.Arch., Kogakuin University, Tokyo, 1983


Principal Architect, Studio MYU Architects Co. Ltd., Tokyo, 1991 to present